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Our Story

Reflectionz came about when four friends was having a conversation about owning our own business one day. As time went by and we got older. We started drifting our separate ways. After many years I was ready to embark on that vision from many years ago. Thinking of a business name. I reached out to one of the friends to see if they could remember the name we thought of years ago. “Reflectionz” was the name. Keeping that dream alive. Reflectionz to us is about people. When you look in a mirror, or walking by buildings with windows that gives off a reflection. What do you see? Are you that person you dreamed you would be? Reflectionz wants everyone to think big and dream big. Reflectionz BBQ and Catering was founded in 2017. Serving the Austin area with Texas-style BBQ and homemade sides with catering services for all events.